Marlo Higgins | Marlo
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I started my professional career in 1989 in the Human Resource field.  After 7 years I decided to stay home and raise our son’s.  During that time, I provided 10 + years of non-profit community leadership.  I love being involved and making a difference.  I found it very rewarding to serve on various non-profit board-of-directors during that time.

In 2005 I was asked to join a team of Executives in the role of VP of Sales.  I was championed to start and oversee a sales team. That team went on to reach multi-million dollar sales in 36 months in 39 states and internationally.

In 2008 I was recruited to join another established sales team (6 years in existence) and in the first 180 days increased profits by 225% superseding all company goals.

In 2010 I had a catalyst setback.  This is when I decided to launch my own brand of coaching.  I took that setback and developed my own comeback.  I took the strategies I created and removed all product barriers which opened up the market for greater impact.

Today, I empower others through defining their Value, Talents and Self-worth.  I coach all levels of professionals in the areas of Confidence, Leadership and Performance.

I research and study the areas of people and performance every day and have learned how to ignite performance through inspiration, goal setting and strategy by knowing your strengths.