Marlo Higgins | Chief Inspirational Officer
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Chief Inspirational Officer

Your Chief Inspirational Officer will Lead You to Endless Possibilities

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Group Coaching: Winning Wednesday’s with Marlo

For individuals who are seeking to get motivated to reach their goals.  Go ‘live with Marlo’ each week on this high-impact laser focused call created just for you.


Join us for a weekly call filled with motivation, strategy, and an environment that promotes participation with like-minded individuals who are driven to succeed.

This monthly subscription provides you with one hour per week of learning with Marlo, including a bonus 15-minute Q & A session. You will also receive weekly emails with worksheets, strategies, and resources for you to apply.

Here’s how to get it back


We’re going to show you through your strength and your values how to achieve what you desire and hold you accountable for moving in that direction so you receive results.


We’ll evaluate and identify the challenges that are holding you back.


We’ll put interventions in place and hold you accountable for achieving them.

Marlo Higgins

Your Chief Inspiration Officer
Leadership, Sales Performance, Negotiations, Consulting, Coaching, Assessing and Presenting.

Being able to identify and optimize an individual talent is what makes good leaders great.

I love the process of helping someone reach his or her potential.

I ignite clients into action by empowering their strengths, talents, and value through self-recognition that sometimes gets lost in our daily struggle for success.


We’d love to hear from you to learn more about how we can partner with you, your team, or your organization to increase your positive impact.

Dedicated Corporate Coaching

Business Professionals, Executive Leaders

Corporate Coaching is for companies who want to invest in team members in a way that is good for people, and good for business.  In the corporate coaching program, Marlo serves as an ‘on deck’ coach for the team, coaching team members individually through their challenges and obstacles around confidence, leadership and performance.

Personal Coaching

Confidence, Leadership and Performance Coaching

For incredible individuals who want to create positive change in one or more of the above areas.  High-impact coaching that is 100% focused on you, what you most want to create, and how to get there.  We determine a start date together.

We’d love to hear from you to learn more about how we can partner with you to increase your personal impact.

Humanity As Currency

Understanding And Investing In The Power Of People

Success is nothing more than taking action towards a specific outcome. The outcome isn’t success; the action you take is where the success occurs.


The Power of Self-Recognition

This researched and proven business strategy allows high performers to stop relying on outside sources for validation and focus on turning simple achievements into actionable steps that create greater results.