Marlo Higgins | Maverick Assessment
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Maverick Assessment

Player, Champion, or Maverick?

Take the Maverick Assessment and find out.

In my years of working with business professionals I have found three core groups of people: Players, Champions, and Mavericks.

Where you fall on the spectrum is largely dependent of how strongly you have developed FOUR key character traits:

Clarity, Action, Confidence, and Risk.

The Maverick Assessment is a tool that reveals your biggest opportunities for growth and what to focus on to get to the next level.

Take the Maverick Assessment today and learn:

  • Where you currently stand on the spectrum
  • What your strongest Maverick Character Trait is and
  • How you can use it to achieve more

Find out where you stand on your journey.
Take the Maverick Assessment today.

Take Me to the Maverick Assessment Now!

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The Maverick Assessment will clarify your biggest opportunities for growth

I developed the Maverick Assessment with a singular intention of helping business professionals track where they currently are in the success journey and where they are headed.

The questions asked help break down where you stand in FOUR key areas: Clarity, Action, Confidence and Risk.

The combination of those FOUR scores place you into the Player, Champion, or Maverick group – and profile your opportunities for growth.

Your status reveals more than a title. I also include the key characteristics of each group and what action steps I have found most useful for each group to get them moving to the next level.

Who is Marlo Higgins?

I created the role of a Chief Inspirational Officer to help people reach their true Maverick Status. I have coached thousands of people under a simple value system: People matter. Self-worth matters. Time matters. When it all aligns, everything works. I trust you will find value in the Maverick Assessment. I invite you to connect with me through our Facebook group, blog, podcast, and website to find out more.

Find out where you stand on your journey.

Take the Maverick Assessment now!

* your email is safe with me