Marlo Higgins | Speaking
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Ignite genuine self-recognition and use this to move your organization forward. There is power when we recognize our personal success, learn to create a visual display and learn how to implement this success into current and future business.

6 core deliverables:

  • Builds confidence
  • Teaches consistency
  • Documents success
  • Develops motivation, growth and performance
  • Speaks in terms of value, talent, and self-worth
  • Ignites solution-searching outcomes


Promote self-leadership for each person, regardless of role or formal leadership titles. Organizations thrive when each person is encouraged to think and act as a leader. The most significant change comes from the middle of the organization.

6 core deliverables:

  • Manages expectations
  • Creates clarity
  • Develops systems
  • Ignites solution-searching outcomes
  • Builds higher levels of achievement
  • Teaches actions and consistency


Create actions to fulfill tasks that allow for accomplishments. Most individuals have great aspirations, but no tangible way to translate those into a concrete plan. Or, they have plans, but not the motivation (something bigger than just checking a box) and support to give the plans enough meaning to pursue them.

6 core deliverables:

  • Builds foundations
  • Creates formulas
  • Develops bigger thinking and problem solving
  • Ignites action
  • Builds confidence
  • Teaches independence


Individual and/or team coaching usually follows the needs and interests that emerge out of the presentations. The coaching model used is based on making changes that are aligned with the organizational and/or personal vision.