Connecting Women Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with Meegan Hofmeister, Founder of Dostal House

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On this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo, Meegan dives into her journey as an entrepreneur and the thriving women-centric energy of her workspace/social club, The Dostal House.

As a lifestyle blogger, social media expert, and avid supporter of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, Meegan reveals the female role models who have inspired her most, the origin of her desire to create a women’s workspace, and what the future holds for the collaborative space.

Meegan Hofmeister is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a specific interest in female founders, small business & lifestyle industries. She is the founder of The Dostal House: a women's workspace, retail boutique & social club. Meegan is also the founder of SignedM.Studio, specializing in content creation & social media strategy for small businesses. She also shares her creative style on SignedM., a life + style blog with a focus on fashion, travel, fitness, and chasing dreams.

Marlo Higgins