Hey there Mavericks, Happy January.



My name’s AJ and I’m stepping out from behind the curtain of the Marlo Higgins brand to give you a little insight into how Marlo and I have worked together to create all the moving parts of Marlo’s business. I carry the title of Chief Creative Officer, which is a little bit of strategy, a little bit of technology, and a whole lot of heart. For the past eight years I’ve supported Marlo as she brought her business from coffee tables to boardrooms and back again, and now we thought we would share a little bit about what we’ve learned so far.


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January seems almost synonymous with goals and resolutions. They’re filled with workshops and planner sales. It makes sense that almost every coach and advisor would be telling you that January is a great place to reset.

New year, new you, right?

There’s also the added benefit of group accountability in January. Gyms are crowded. Social media is on fire with posts about drinking water and letting last year’s negativity go. Everyone seems to be in the same mindset which is great for inspiration. 

But what about those who go into January unsure of where the year is headed? Does that make them any less driven?

January isn’t the only time for new beginnings.


Creating a plan for any business for the new year requires answering a few main questions:

-       What do you want to accomplish?

-       Who do you want to help?

-       What problem do you want to solve?

-       Why are you the right person to solve it?


Many brands start from the answers of these questions, but don’t go back to them once the initial goal has been accomplished.

At the beginning of 2019 that’s where we stood. We were staring out over everything that had been accomplished so far – the book, the podcast, the speaking engagements, the assessment, the coaching; but we needed to go back to the beginning in order to figure out where we were headed next.

As a Chief Creative Officer, I’m responsible for taking Marlo’s “hey what if we…” and transforming it into “here’s how we can…” Every year we sift through hundreds of ideas – products, new services, events, and platforms to get down to what will serve our community the most.

Once we determined that the next phase of Marlo’s brand would focus more on her clients and less on her strategy, that gave us the fuel we needed to shift our offerings to be pure service initiatives that would produce nothing but sweet results.

So, what do “service initiatives” look like? They look like opportunities to get the help you need from Marlo. It looks like guided book clubs, rejuvenating retreats, and group opportunities to connect and thrive.

In 2019 Marlo is focused on serving more people than ever with a simple intention – to provide clarity to those who need it, and motivation for those who want it. All of the other facets of the business fall naturally into supporting those main services.

What started as a resolution to get back to our authentic roots became a personal revolution to break out of the expectations of traditional coaching. What attracts clients to Marlo’s services is her ability to completely customize any strategy in order to maximize results.

Instead of focusing on filling a roster or maxing out metrics, we’re starting a revolution of servitude that radiates with authenticity. Less domination, more support. Less pressure, more peace. That’s where we’re headed.


Will you join us?

Marlo Higgins