Transitioning from a Military Career to Entrepreneurship with Rich Cardona

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On this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes, Marlo sits down with video strategist and retired military veteran Rich Cardona to discuss his journey from the armed forces to starting his own business. Listen in as Rich dives into how he started telling stories, the importance of transparency in online content, and his passion for helping other veterans.

Rich Cardona is a retired Marine Corps aviator who tried the traditional job route after serving his country. While successful, Rich was unfulfilled and knew he was destined for something more. He decided to leave the workforce and have recorded conversations with C-Suite executives and influencers.

You can connect with Rich on Linkedin:

Episode Highlights:

5:00 – company culture and creating video

6:00 – using video to find your tribe

8:00 – Rich’s personal story of being in the military

13:00 – Altruism and the value of being real and transparent

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