How Growth Can Kill Your Business

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At the end of August 2018 I experienced a business setback that involved a huge portion of our brand and overall growth. It was the kind of setback that continued unfolding. As soon as we overcame one obstacle, another popped up. It was like business whack-a-mole. Finally, after 8 months, our rhythm returned and we started humming again.


It wasn’t until we were fully on track that I realized that the greatest impact this setback had was on my own MINDSET. Looking back, I realized I spent too much time focusing on the exact things that I teach my clients to dismiss.


I felt stuck, reliving the all the “mistakes” that led to the setback. I was trapped in a loop of frustration and regret. Why didn’t I see the warning signs? Why didn’t I fix the problem before it became a problem?


This kind of self-talk felt foreign to me, as I’ve conditioned myself as a Maverick to ‘bounce back’ using Maverick Mantras like:

You Get What You Focus On – Tweet this 

A core fundamental of how I coach others is to stop spending time in the ‘mistake’ phase, the ‘setback’ phase, or the ‘stuck’ phase.  Rather, allow yourself the ‘2-minute-pity-party’, then roll!  Acknowledge it, but don’t give it any more focus or power (You Get What You Focus On), if you stay focused on this, that’s the only outcome you will continue to receive.

This setback impacted growth!  So it seemed like a natural answer for my entire team to focus on regaining the growth momentum we lost.

However, we quickly realized that we were burning rubber. We were so focused on growth that we were out of balance again, just like we were when we experienced the setback. We were missing the balance of applying all 3-core fundamentals of what we call the 30/60/10 formula.

If it’s your first time here, let me recap the magic of the 30/60/10 formula:

Consistency is the secret ingredient to building empires. But just like you can’t build a house with only nails or only boards, you can’t build a business with only actions focused on growth. There’s a formula we’ve discovered to creating the measurable results we craved:

30% – Growth

60% – Service

10% – Follow Up


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After our setback, we put 80% of our energy into growth which meant that our service actions (coaching my clients at top-shelf level) were negatively impacted.

When my “give it all you got” style of coaching isn’t happening at full capacity, I don’t receive the personal results that I desire. I was so focused on my own brand’s growth that while my clients were satisfied and successful, they weren’t as invested as they could have been or willing to give referrals. Energy matches energy, right?

You see, I’ve built this brand on 100% word-of-mouth marketing.  When I serve well, I get referred well.  That was the problem.

I was focused on GROWTH and limiting my energy of SERVICE then wondering WHY things weren’t humming along like normal impacting finances and growth.

Well, duh!

I wasn’t following the path that I’ve charted that keeps me fueled to win.

I strayed down the wrong path and stopped believing in the formula that I’ve built, that I know sustains a very powerful brand that impacts.

This is where my ah-ha comes from today.

I started focusing on too much of one thing and not balancing the formula that I know works. 

You could say that I put all my eggs in one basket and that simply does not work.  It’s a compound feature of knowing what to focus on and matching a % of time to each of these areas that gives me the peace, freedom and energy to run the race full on fast and get to the finish line with results and ease every time.

I teach my clients that we all do ONE THING and that’s learn from both our success and our failures.  I’m always grateful to give my business enough reflection to witness these ‘learning phases’ that are so important to achievement.


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Marlo Higgins