How To Use Your Life Experiences to Create An Impact with Alex White

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Listen in as Alex tells his story of utilizing his life experiences as fuel to create an impact in his community and the world. We’ll dive into how he made the decision to begin a coaching business after experiencing tragedy and how he has built a plan to thrive.

Alex M. White is the founder of Roots & Resolve, a coaching and consulting organization dedicated to cultivating more resilient people, projects, and populations. Inspired by his own personal experiences of being faced with uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness, Alex has learned about what it means to cultivate courage in difficult times.

As with many people of his generation, much of Alex’s life has been directly impacted by living with climate change. From evacuating his family away from devastating wildfires to experiencing Hurricane Sandy, Alex is a committed climate reality advocate and seeks to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive climate movement.