How To Communicate Like a Champion with Mike Lipkin

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Today on 22 Motivational Minutes, Marlo sits down with Canada’s premiere speaker, Mike Lipkin to discuss the power of conviction and speaking your desires. Listen in as Mike reveals 10 Potentiator Practices that will guide you to being a high performer.

 Mike is president of Environics/Lipkin, the motivation and sales empowerment practice of Environics Research Group— one of Canada’s leading research houses. The distinctions that he has gathered from talking to a million people in forty-three countries, combined with the insights from the celebrated Environics social values research, is how he offers his clients the best of all worlds: a powerful blend of ideas, principles, and observations that will help you achieve preeminence one conversation at a time.

Mike has authored seven best-selling books. His newest book is Dancing with Disruption - The Seven Secrets to Thriving on Massive Change So the Best People Want to Partner with You.

Mike is also a certified Leadership Circle Profile coach. He specialized in engaging with c-level decision makers to build organizational capability and create outcomes that matter most.

 Episode Highlights:

 14:00 Motivator Mike – defining his purpose of exciting other people into action!

16:00 Practice intentionality

21:00 LinkedIn research shows the #1 demand skill in 2019 is CREATIVITY

26:00 Discover For Yourself – the 3 most powerful words

28:00 See the breakthrough’s happening (mind/connection/discovery)

 You can connect with Mike Lipkin via LinkedIn    or on his website


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