How Addiction Impacts Your Leadership Abilities with Michael Dash

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On this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes, author Michael Dash shares his journey through addiction and the impact it can have on how you lead your business. Listen as Marlo and Michael discuss how he became an entrepreneur who battled addiction at 11 with his uncle showing him how to gamble, what triggered his moment of clarity, and how change is possible.

Having dealt with addiction throughout his life and having sold his business after 11 years, Michael Dash is committed to supporting other entrepreneurs and business leaders dealing with addiction or addictive behaviors that are affecting them leading their businesses and affecting their personal lives. Michael wrote Chasing the High about his personal journey through addiction entrepreneurship, legal battles and how he discovered FLOW and all the lessons learned along the way.  He is currently building a platform called F.A.T.E. (From Addict To Entrepreneur) to help others in the entrepreneurship and business community overcome their addictive behaviors to be able to fulfill their potential as leaders in their organizations.

You can connect with Michael via Linkedin or at and get the first two chapters of his book FREE at

Episode Highlights:

3:00  – Cocaine in NYC

5:10  – The moment of clarity

7:00  – Gamblers anonymous meeting

8:00  – How change is possible

13:00  – Commitment and consistency

19:00  – The 4-step process


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