How to Stay Positive While Building a Business with Jordan Gross

Today on 22 Motivational Minutes, Marlo and author and speaker Jordan Gross discuss his journey maintaining a positive outlook while building a business and providing for his family. Listen as Jordan discusses becoming an author, overcoming familial health issues, and taking the stage as a TEDx speaker.

Jordan believes that uncovering your Cloud Nine life means stepping outside the norm, separating from the pack, and becoming the pilot of your own plane. He is a best-selling author of “Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness”, a TEDx speaker, and has founded multiple companies and organizations. If you want to start living your own cloud nine life, then visit

You can connect with Jordan via LinkedIn at:


Episode Highlights:

2:00 – Positivity and the development of Cloud Nine

4:00 – The 911 story

7:00 – “Mom has been a mom” and her battle with MS

10:00 – Becoming an author

14:00 – How to become a TEDx speaker


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