[Case Study] How to Use Self-Recognition to Accomplish Your Goals with Denise McCormick

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On today’s episode of 22 Motivational Minutes, bestselling author and educator’s coach, and past client Denise McCormick discusses her journey to creating a coaching business and how Marlo’s Successboarding strategy allowed her to grow her business and accomplish her goals.

Denise McCormick bestows passion onto everything she accomplishes. Denise’s rose-colored outlook on life stems from overcoming a multitude of challenges on her path to success. Today, Denise holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from Iowa Wesleyan University and M.A.E. in Education with two specialist certifications from Viterbo University. She has 23 years experience teaching experience ranging from elementary to graduate level courses. She is committed to helping women educators stay inspired, focused, and successful in their personal educational journey.

Connect with Denise at www.denisemccormick.com

 Episode Highlights:

3:00 – Denise’s why

4:00 – Personal development and deciding to create a brand

6:00 – Denise’s coaching partnership with Marlo

7:00 – The 6-month process and the introduction of Successboarding

8:00 – “Embrace the grey” strategy

9:00 – How to create a coaching business

10:00 – 30-60-10 formula

19:00 – How to manage expectations


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Marlo Higgins