Success Is In Your Sphere with Zvi Band

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Today on 22 Motivational Minutes, author Zvi Band shares the power of nurturing your brand through relationship marketing. Listen in as Marlo and Zvi discuss the science behind building relationships and how growing your business is directly linked to your connection with your audience. This episode is chalk full of great insight into how to work with your existing network to develop more business and do it in a way that differentiates. 

Zvi Band is the co-founder & CEO of Contactually, the top CRM which empowers professionals in real estate, consulting, and other professional industries to build authentic relationships. Having founded Contactually in 2011, Zvi has led Contactually to $12M in venture backing, 75 employees, and tens of thousands of customers, including 8 of the top 20 real estate brokerages in the country. An engineer, a seasoned entrepreneur, developer, strategist and startup advisor, with unique both technical and non-technical operations. Thrice named a Washingtonian Tech Titan, featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and Washington City Paper, Zvi was also a finalist for Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. Zvi is a passionate speaker and author whose writing has appeared in Forbes, Inc, Inman News, and many other outlets.

Highlights from this episode:

11:00 – How to grow your assets

12:00 – Strategy to the relationship

13:00 – We are tribal people

14:00 – Relating to people

16:00 – Dig the well before your thirsty

18:00 – The capitol strategy

You can connect with Zvi Band via LinkedIn or on his website


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