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Hello Rockstars, The release of “The Making of a Maverick” is happening April 24th! I invite you to help me spread the word about this inspirational message that answers the question everyone wants to know: “How did they do it?”

Please feel free to share any and all of the material below to spread the word that the #MaverickMovement has begun with the release of my book. “The Making of a Maverick” is a badass mix of inspiration and business strategy that exists in the world to ignite your success.

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Ignite Your Success with “The Making of a Maverick Building Champions in Business and in Life” by @MarloHiggins #MaverickMovement


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I share 12 Maverick mantras with you so you can get yourself out of ‘stuck’ and into immediate action while fueling your self-esteem. Ignite Your Success! #MaverickMovement


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Do you have the confidence it takes to act on making your desires your reality?

[tag]Marlo Higgins has worked with hundreds of successful clients to develop The business strategies to get you unstuck and by taking immediate action on your plan.  Note

These strategies are based on her personal experiences and are presented as easy, memorable "Maverick mantras" that will fuel your self-esteem, self-worth, and talents, to drive your success and to make an impact in the world.

Each mantra is accompanied by a personal account from one of my Mavericks, a breakdown of why each mantra works, and a simple action plan to get you started achieving today.

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“Performance is one of my favorite subjects.” ~ Marlo Higgins

In the book The Making of a Maverick, [tag]Marlo Higgins goes beyond numbers and explains how “high performance” is more about mastering a mindset rather than hitting a numbers goal.

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“The biggest risks often have the greatest rewards.”

~ Marlo Higgins

Do you know the barriers that hold you back when it comes to risk taking? Do you want to find out how to block your success barriers?

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