My 2018 ‘Divine’ BREAKTHROUGH


You hear me coach every year on THE WORD for the coming year. It’s an empowering exercise and one that I champion all of my clients with and even most conversations I have from October through the end of the year. I share the concept, present how to approach it, then challenge those that I speak with to create it. I want to do that for you here; I want to share how I arrived at BREAKTHROUGH for my 2018 word.

Let’s go back to the fundamentals of WHY we do this. It’s clearly to empower you. I stand for people and the personal power we all have within us and most importantly HOW to tap into it and bring it into the world to empower yourself and serve others. To my core, this is what I know; As a Chief Inspirational Officer, I’m focused on the development of people by unearthing their values, talents and self-worth (aka self-esteem). People matter. Self-worth matters. Time matters. When it all aligns, everything works.

This strategy works.

I encourage you to start with this strategy during Q4 of every year, but it’s still not too late to do it.

Start to write down (one word on separate post-it notes) as you think of the ‘type of year you’d like to have or create’. That’s it.

Ask yourself;

  • What WORD would best describe the type of year I’d like to have?

Then start writing down the words that come to you and keep track of them. Give yourself time to really honor and choose the best word with the greatest power that you’ll use to reframe, guide and ground yourself with for 365 days.

I like to give this strategy almost 3 months to marinate within me, that’s how much power I give this, it’s that important and this is the reason why I know it works so well.

Once you’ve created your sprinkling of words, some of you may have only 3 to choose from, others may have up to 25. Schedule, it on your calendar and sit with those words and then choose the WORD that you know will give you the greatest power and strength.

While others are making their new years resolutions, you share YOUR WORD and WHY you’ve chosen it. Let others know why you decided to do this and how you intend to use it to serve you.

This is how to use it;

Be sure to visually place it in a high-profile space within your surroundings. I simply hang my handwritten word in my workspace so I keep it close and see it daily.

There will be times throughout the year that I may start to self-doubt, question things or lose my mojo. I easily recapture my personal power by standing in conviction and speaking MY WORD. The one that I chose which is meant to serve me and give me back my vision and my strength.

When I speak it with conviction and authority, it realigns my thinking and grounds me with what I had set my intentions for that year and it’s crazy how any anxiety or questioning simply falls away, I’ve had a feeling of that anxiety simply melting away and have this infusion of power come over me that allows me to remove my fear and move ahead with what I’m doing.

How I arrived at BREAKTHROUGH as my 2018 word. For me, it’s a feeling. This is the description found in the dictionary; an instance of achieving success in a particular sphere or activity. This is the year that my first book will be published. That feels like a huge breakthrough for me personally. Being a professional who is self-taught (not getting my formal 4-year college degree by choice), it almost felt impossible to write a book, so the fact that I did what I said I was going to do and removed multiple barriers and obstacles out of my way this year with both my health and massive branding growth, I did it. I plan to have a BREAKTHROUGH year. I did add the word ‘divine’ to it though, ‘divine’ BREAKTHROUGH, which I’ve never done before, but it is and will be a divine adventure it’s this added bit of synergy that I know the value of the divine will continue to work within me.

I speak of energy as growth all the time. When we grow, stretch and challenge ourselves, is when we gain the greatest amount of energy we never knew we had. That best describes the year I’d like to have and experience. Aligning the growth to the energy and brining it all forward to serve others. That’s the best way that I can possible describe it for you. I’ve set a clear intention and will stay grounded within this for the next 365 days. I’m ready, I’m positioned and it could not feel any better.

You’ll read in my upcoming book; The Making of a Maverick, Building Champions in Business and in Life (you can purchase your copy here) this is one of the ways that I move people into ‘Maverick status’, giving them back their personal value and worth, and increasing their self-esteem. It can be a struggle to maintain a high and healthy level of self-esteem at times, by leveraging this strategy it is simply an action that you can take to build on who you are and how you approach it.

I believe in you more than you know and if you feel compelled to allow me to lead you into crossing your threshold and tap into your best, truest and purest self, reach out directly and schedule a complimentary 15-minute coaching call with me to learn more;

This could be the year that you take the right actions that allow you to step into the unknown with peace and ease and prove that you can do anything you desire.

I’m here. I’d love to be Your Chief Inspirational Officer.

Love and belief, Marlo