Leading A Diverse and Inclusive Team: A Conversation With Workplace Diversity Expert Manpreet Dhillon


Listen to the full interview here.

On this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo, Marlo discusses the value of self confidence and conversations around diversity in the workplace with Manpreet Dhillon.

Manpreet explores the importance of being confident as a leader, fostering a space of inclusivity in the workplace, and how shifting into a mindset that trusts the journey is pivotal to success.

During this interview you will learn: - How to correct an unconscious bias in the hiring process - The importance of being a role model for others - How Imposter Syndrome impacts women in the workplace

Manpreet Dhillon is a dynamic leader with over 15 years in senior management and consultant roles who is able to negotiate powerful strategic alliances through open communication and a “win-win” attitude, successfully transform organizational cultures resulting in increased growth and profitability and improved business processes through strategic planning and execution.

With a leadership style that promotes a positive team atmosphere focusing on empowering and developing potential, very adept at developing superior relationships and team creation/mentoring. Working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders, consistently deliver results through designing, documenting, auditing and successfully integrating innovative programs with existing policies and procedures

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