How I Took 2 Months Off and Had My Biggest Revenue Yet

podcast Oct 17, 2022

Having It All means balancing work and play. Years ago I made taking July off part of my regular business plan. This year, after 11 years of running of my own brand, I decided to double my time off – a new personal record.

In this episode I’m sharing what two months off of production looks like as an entrepreneur, busting the myth that you have to hustle 24/7 to make your success a reality. We’ll dive into how I empowered my team to keep things running behind the scenes, the questions I considered before making the decision to take time off, and what time away did for my mindset, my goals, and my bottom line.

If you’ve ever wanted to step away from your business but weren’t sure how it would run without you, listen up. This could change your life.

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