Articulating Passion With Impact: A Conversation with Visionary Leader & Ideator Charles Klasson Jr.

I had the opportunity to talk innovation and success with visionary Charles Klasson Jr. I brought him onto 22 Motivational Minutes With Marlo because he is such a BIG thinker, and I love to sit with these kinds of folks.  He’s philosophical, deep, intuitive, and has such vision of what’s coming.

His challenge to learn and change the world on your own terms is incredibly powerful. Listen as he talks about education and the development of new ideas in the spirit of entrepreneurship and communicating to solve real-world problems. It will change the way you think about education.

Charles Klasson Jr. is a visionary leader & ideator, transforming organizations with purpose & entrepreneurial drive to accomplish the unthinkable. He is affiliated with CIVCO Medical Solutions, and the University of Iowa - Henry B. Tippie College of Business.

 Charles is a visionary leader and innovator inspiring organizations with entrepreneurial drive to achieve excellence and win while accomplishing the seemingly impossible or unthinkable.

“All IN” describes his passionate approach to life, striving to be fully present in each moment optimizing the impact of everything he touches. Charles empowers people and organizations to achieve their biggest dreams - aligning with vision and purpose, stretching the imagination, inspiring teams to move mountains - making a difference in people’s lives.

Listen to the full interview: [powerpress]

Show Notes: