Finding Your Why: A Conversation with Former VP of Operations eBay, Singapore and Senior Director in London, UK John Courtney

In this episode of 22 Minutes with Marlo, Marlo and John discuss planning for growth within business and how to rely on outside perspectives to gain insight.

Business expert John Courtney takes time to reveal the importance of having the right people giving input at the right phase of business development. “The rate of growth of your business,” John states, “can exceed your capacity to lead it.” He also give three tips for scaling a business, and looks ahead to potential hazards when growing.

John Courtney is tasked with creating shared services model and preparing the organization (eBay) to operate at scale. He has worked closely with each country manager to develop the right strategy and operating plan for the thirteen markets across the region. This included portfolio performance, risk analysis, and P&L impact. He developed a multi-year strategy to outsource a number of back-office functions. In addition, he negotiated terms and executed commercial agreements in 12 different countries including France, Tunis, Morocco, Germany, Poland and Turkey.

To listen to the full interview: [powerpress]

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