Guest Post: Why I Chose A Chief Inspirational Officer


The title should perhaps read, “Why I Chose Marlo Higgins,” but then again, once I started working with Marlo, I began to realize her title is fully appropriate.

I remember sitting down to coffee with her and asking, “What is a Chief Inspiration Officer?”

It turns out, she had fashioned the title for herself. Marlo emanates everything I love about strong leaders--she stays true to her heart and soul.

People ask me, “Is she a business coach?”

“Something like that,” is the best I can answer.

I always say the best things in life, the most meaningful and important things, you cannot measure or describe with justice.

How much do I love my family? 10 units? Impossible to say.

Describe the experience of looking out over the Grand Canyon. You can’t do it. Words aren’t enough. You have to rest in the awe of that moment and trust the experience is sufficient.

And so it is with Marlo.

She is not a business coach. She is not a life coach. She is not a success guru, pouring out mere flatteries for my memorization. She is not formulaic, although she is systematic in her approach.

Before we began working together, I felt as if I were being held to a fire (which is ironic, because she uses fire as an metaphor for igniting success). Fire refines. Fire burns away what we can’t shed on our own and allows space for greener, more fruitful life to grow.

That’s exactly what happened. She is a catalyst, as fire/heat are in chemical reactions.

I knew I wanted, no needed to be a certain kind of CEO in order to lead my company effectively. Marlo became the amplifier for the voice in my heart that knows what it wants, goes after it, takes risks, lives adventurously, and is sure of itself.

She continues to be the counter to that constant, lying voice that tells me I’m not good enough, that my purpose is out of my reach. We all hear that voice. Some of us may be more honest than others about that, but we all hear it. And it’s been an invaluable addition to my life and business to have that booster shot--the fire that reminds me of true things.

When you want to be the best you can be at something, you find the person who can help you get there. Every NFL quarterback that means business has his own coach. Musicians have teachers. Friends have one another.

In order to grow into the man and CEO I wanted to be, I knew I needed Marlo.

But again, there aren’t enough words to describe the experience. It’s something you must taste and see for yourself.

Gabe Erickson is the CEO & President of Flow Media. When he’s not telling stories, Gabe loves spending time with his son Carter, making music, and investing in his church, as well as dabbling in other creative hobbies. 

See what Marlo has to say about getting started with her below: