Happy Thanksgiving | A Recipe for Achievement

16The Difference Between Motivation and Inspiration As a Chief Inspirational Officer, I find that many clients use the words “motivation” and “inspiration” interchangeably. The truth is, the terms are two completely different and essential aspects of a successful business plan.

I read a fitness article that explained how motivation isn't something that one can count on to achieve goals. The trainer said that too many people use motivation as an excuse, when what a person needs to put in place are habits. The idea that motivation is fleeting, but habits are lasting really made an impact with me.

But that leap to go for something has to come from somewhere. I believe that’s where inspiration comes in.

Motivation is GOAL driven and inspiration is VISION driven.

The magic that happens when you are able to create a vision for the goals you want to accomplish is a powerful ingredient for success.

For example, ask yourself this: what does 2017 look like for you? What’s the bigger picture?  Now, what needs to happen, or what ingredients do you need, to make your recipe for success?

By stepping things out, you are able to better distinguish the habits you need to make your year successful. Start today by deciding what you want, then write down a list of “ingredients,” and figure out where you can acquire them in the upcoming year.

Not every habit has to be strictly business or life oriented. There are the usual habits of making the bed daily, or going for a walk before work, but I challenge you to consider some habits that will help the way you FEEL. For instance, consider making it a habit of creating the space to allow things to happen. This one simple ingredient/habit could make all the difference for you in the coming year.

So, this week I’d like to ask you – are you looking for motivation or inspiration? What kind of habits can you adopt to make your successes happen?

Knowing the key ingredients that make up your personal success makes all the difference.

Love and belief!  Holler back and share what key ingredients you’ll be adding to your “recipe” this year, we’d love to learn from you!

I am grateful for you and passing along bold prayers for your achievements this year!


Marlo, Your Chief Inspirational Officer