On Being Fearless: A Conversation with Fashion Designer/Mentor Connector Andre’ Wright

During this episode of 22 Minutes with Marlo, Marlo and Andre’ delve into the topic failure, and how fear can impair one’s ability succeed by way of failure.


Andre’ also discusses his company, Born Leaders United, and how gathering a diverse range of experiences as a young professional, including world travel, has had a profound impact on his success. When it comes to giving advice to entrepreneurs just beginning their journey he states, “Perseverance mixed with passion is a dangerous combination.”


André Wright is a highly creative and multi-talented, Graphic Designer with extensive experience in marketing. Andre' is also the creator and owner of the clothing brand BLU Collar which stands for Born Leaders United. The Motto: Be a leader in something you are passionate in. Andre' graduated in 2005 from the University of Iowa with a BFA and has over 12 years of marketing and design experience within the creative industry. Andre' uses all of his experience helping fellow entrepreneurs and business owners create distinct brands. He specializes in Direct to Garment Printing for t-shirts and bags, Identity & Brand Development, Publication Design, Web Design & Development, E-commerce Solutions, Email Marketing, Illustration, Large Format Murals and Displays, Trade Shows and Exhibit Design, Promotional Items.

Listen to the full intervie: [powerpress]