The Challenge of Transparency: An Interview by Mark Brodinksy


My goal this year has been to be more transparent with you. My years in the coaching industry has taught me that from a distance, my brand looks pretty fierce (which is a good thing, sometimes) but I wanted to take some time to get real about myself and what it takes to run a business in the midst of challenges.

Just like you, I’m far from being impervious to challenges.

Maybe you’ve read Mark Brodinsky’s recent story about me in “The Sunday Series.” Mark went way back to the beginning, digging into my childhood and family life to reveal some truths about my health setbacks and where my motivation and drive originated.

I won’t lie, just having that story out there for the world to read made me feel a little naked. That kind of exposure feels uncomfortable, but I challenged myself in the name of fostering a higher level authenticity and trust with people I value and trust – all of you.

In this week’s episode of 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo, Mark and I took the conversation even deeper. This isn’t just a biography, these 22 minutes go deep into my WHY.

How do I create champions?

Who am I here to serve?

What’s next for Team Marlo?

We laid it all out there, and somewhere in there we zoomed past awkward transparency and straight onward to blissful authenticity.

It’s all on this week’s episode, along with a little challenge from me to empower yourself to do something that makes you uncomfortable. You’ll be so glad you did. Click HERE

To listen to the full interview. [powerpress]

Show Notes: