Accidental Entrepreneurship: A Conversation with CEO of VIDAPTIV Parveen Panwar

I know that this episode of 22 Minutes with Marlo will resonate with you. Parveen begins our discussion with his story becoming an entrepreneur out of a desire to follow his own path. Through that passion he has become a technological visionary, changing the way we interact with products as well as pioneering his movement IMACTIVATED.

Listen in as we discuss his journey of creating a successful business while creating a movement focused positivity and contributing to the greater good.

About Parveen: Parveen Panwar is the CEO at VIDAPTIV, an agency that helps brands engage users through actionable and interactive videos. He is passionate about online advertising and ad tech technology. He has created digital strategies for video branding campaigns and made them successful through distribution plans in the digital landscape. User experience matters, and VIDAPTIV’s video content keeps users engaged without having them leave the experience like traditional video concepts.

Listen to the full interview at [powerpress]

Show Notes: