Being An Authentic Millennial: A Conversation with Business Matchmaker, Author, & Millennial Entrepenuer Robby Berthume

This week on 22 Minutes with Marlo, Marlo and Robby discuss the highs and lows of being successful at a young age, and the mindset required to answer the question: “What now?”

Robby, currently working on his first book Millennial Entrepreneur, reveals how he began building websites at fourteen years old, and the lessons he learned on journey to success. “People prepare for failure quite a bit,” says Robby, “and a lot of people don’t prepare for success."

Robby Berthume, is a matchmaker for founders, brands & ad agencies, and author of Millennial Entrepreneur. His business, Bull & Beard, has the strategic vision and perspective needed to bring agency’s ideas to life, in all their uninhibited glory. They support, grow and connect agencies with the rationale and resources that win business. They save you time and money, reduce your risk and pump up your pitch. You’ll like working with them because they take your ideas and build on them, injecting value at every turn. They are the digital partner you keep on speed dial. They are the stroke of luck, the flash of brilliance, the moment of genius people talk about.

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