Finding Your Own Path: A Conversation with Millennial Entrepreneur Jamison Drapeau

This week on 22 Minutes with Marlo, I’m thrilled to bring to you the explorative spirit of Jamison Drapeau. A millennial entrepreneur, Jamison is navigating the business world for the first time and shares some fascinating discoveries about what it takes to get that first wave of momentum in the business world.

Listen in as we delve into the raw reality of getting started and why Jamison is so (rightly) optimistic about his future, and the future of his generation.

About Jamison: Starting from a young age, I have been driven to push my limitations further and further in order to accomplish any challenge I'm interested in taking on. This has led me to dedicate my efforts thus far in an attempt to start my own company. It started as just the idea of being my own boss, but has expanded into tackling a complex challenge in today's business world: automation. In my experience, there are far too many mediums in which business applications and the people using them need to cross in order to get tasks done. To solve this problem, I began building a universal business application called ILLUMULLI during the summer of 2016, in which the design is aimed to unify all of the different fields of business into one single system, easily accessible by any internal or external individual relative to any and every business. My dream is that grunt work slowly gets taken over by our information systems, bringing more innovation and progress to the work place, free from the confines of repetitive tasks endured by businesses today.

Listen to the full interview at: [powerpress]

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