Keeping It Transparent: A Conversation with Chief Heart-repreneur, Terri Levine

Listen as I sit down with Chief Heart-repreneur and best-selling author Terri Levine as we dive into the importance of transparency in business and why authenticity creates success.

During my interview with Terri on 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo we discuss her new book, “Turbo Charge: How to Transform Your Business as a Heart-repreneur” and how her in-depth look into her business strategy illuminated a path to a new brand and a new phase of success.

Terri speaks of opening up and sharing her experiences with others in order to create deeper and more meaningful connections. “You’re the mirror,” Terri states. “The way you act is how your customers show up.” Her focus on her clients and her emphasis on results-based service is truly inspiring, and aligns with my own philosophy of creating value in everything we do.

Terri Levine is the founder of the Heartrepreneur Network.  As the Chief Heartrepreneur her company is changing the way business owners around the world connect with their target audiences, then sell and serve their customers and their employees. The Heartrepreneur Network has business owners stop selling, marketing and operating businesses using traditional methods and moves them into true, authentic, heart-to-heart people centered communication models where sales and marketing aren't even necessary.


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