On Being Stardust: A Conversation with International Author Shiny Burcu Unsal

During this episode of 22 Minutes with Marlo, Marlo and Shiny discuss the idea of choice and living a life with intention.

Shiny is the author of You Are A Star! Shine!, and is focused on revealing the importance of understanding the laws of the universe and how they apply to humans and our dream lives. During the conversation, the two delve into Shiny’s “defining moment”, and what motivated her to make the connection between the big bang and individual success. “If you don’t understand the big picture,” Shiny says, “you can’t create your small piece of it.”

Shiny is a Change Agent, who is really passionate about the human mind, communication and the psychology behind our behaviors. Because of her passion and dedication to human excellence, she feels responsible for making a difference in the world of relationships, especially the ones with the self.

She is also a licensed NLP trainer and Executive Coach at Forbes Coaches Council.

Shiny says: “I Be-Live our relationship with ourselves and with others is the secret for a healthier, happier and a wealthier life. I am saying that after 10 years of managing multi-million dollar global brands and 5 years into helping individuals manage their own brands: themselves!”

Listen to the full intervie: [powerpress]

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