Three Reasons Why You Need A CIO


banner6Believe it or not, you are not the first person who has tried to launch a business, build a team, or create an opportunity and run into obstacles. While the road to success can often feel isolating, I can assure you that you are not alone – in celebration or in struggle. If you are finding yourself struggling, it may be time to enlist a traveling companion on your journey to success. Here are three of the most frequent reasons people reach out for my help:

“I Don’t Have All The Answers”

When I spoke with Jacob, a Commercial Banker, his main goals were to increase his confidence and be more productive. From the first meetings, I knew that his requests were straight from my wheelhouse. We immediately began creating a customized plan that incorporated business strategy and personal growth.

Among the strategies shared with Jacob, was the idea that it’s okay to not have all the answers. This idea was actually a breakthrough moment for Jacob during our time together. “We’ve talked about this in our meetings,” Jacob said. “When I didn’t have the answer [clients] were looking for, but told them how I would find out and when I would get back to them that is all they really wanted. Being honest with them helped to build trust.” It was that element of trust that took Jacob’s success to a new level.

“[I] closed three loans while I was out of the office on vacation,” he reported. “[Marlo] helped me think of a system to put in place (systems = results) and set the expectation with those we work with. We were all accountable.”

“There Isn’t Enough Time”

One of the most frequent issues I see my clients face is “not having enough hours in the day.” That constant feeling of being “busy” is a barrier that frequently prevents individuals from getting to that next level of success.

When you know what you’re doing with the time you do have, it makes it easier to identify what is working and what is not. Through a series of techniques that are included in a strategy I call “doing more of what works and less and of what doesn’t,” clients are able to become more productive and ultimately more successful.

I explained this to Samantha, a business Manager, and she had solid results. “Overall, I feel less stressed,” Samantha reported. “I have taken a look at my daily tasks and continue to fill my time with productive items. This is a work in progress but I have taken the tools you have given and gotten a great start.”

“I’m Overwhelmed and I need structure”

Understanding what exactly you want out of your business is essential when it comes to understanding your success. I have watched clients consistently dissatisfied with their performance because when they began they expected too much of themselves. What is the point of earning a six-figure income if when you take a day off everything falls apart? What is the value of having a large team if you don’t delegate and try to complete everything yourself? Learning to manage your expectations when it comes to yourself and others is key.

I spoke with Mallory, a Member Relations Manager, who was focused on regaining confidence and increasing sales. Together we worked on strategies that clearly defined her personal value and capitalized on her talents. “Marlo is a consummate professional who gets right to the heart of your issues. She’s a no-excuse coach who knows how to stretch you just a little further.” Mallory said. “I learned more about myself and my style in her sessions than I have in all the seminars I have attended over my career. She is one of the best investments I ever made in myself!”

The results of her sessions were a better understanding of what she wanted and how she could help others. “[I] closed the largest account since working in current job, [and] learned how to make priorities to take care of myself and structure my day to include breaks.”

If any of these reasons resonate with you, I encourage you to reach out to me and discuss your options.