How I Celebrate My Brand Birthday

October is my month for new beginnings.

It may seem strange that in the middle of a season that winds nature down for sleep, I prepare for new beginnings. October is the month that this business began, and it’s when I feel the need to really stop and celebrate everything that has happened in the past six years.

When I birthed this brand October 3rd, 2011 (that is the day I invested in the domain and moved forward with creating our website) little did I know that six short years later, I’d have all of this to share;

  • I’ve served hundreds of clients nationwide and have developed an international brand.
  • I’ve been positioned as a thought-leader in my industry in the areas of confidence and performance
  • I have an agent
  • I hired a publisher
  • I expanded ‘Team Marlo’
  • I’ve aligned with Forbes as a contributor and have been published 8+ times
  • I have the same personal assistant that I did from day one
  • I understand that our brand feels peaceful, energizing, empowering and loving
  • We only say yes when it feels light and expansive
  • We don’t give up on projects we think will work
  • We’re not afraid to stretch and grow or fail and fall
  • We can overcome health obstacles and still keep things running consistently
  • We can fire folks who don’t align to our visions and execute with integrity
  • We can fire clients that expect too much
  • We launched a podcast series
  • We launched a weekly video training series
  • We automated our payment and calendar systems
  • We trademarked and legalized our national self-recognition platform
  • We’ve developed and defined group coaching programs
  • I serve others as their trusted advisor on their personal board-of-directors
  • I’ve aligned with top athletes to challenge me
  • I’ve embraced public speaking
  • I’ve embraced being more vulnerable and aware of the impact of transparency
  • We’ve launched new products
  • We are serving folks at top-shelf status (we are experts)
  • We have extreme clarity of who we are and how we serve and the depth of our product(s)
  • We’ve developed and defined programs with substance
  • We wrote a book and have signed contracts for more books to come…
  • We’re creating a movement #maverickmovement
  • We have bigger visions of possibilities and what ifs for others to come
  • 2018 brings a live event…


The best part of it all, I chose to work my business at hobby-level for 5 years. It was only 18 months ago that I chose to go full-steam. That was when I wrote my 10-year exit plan with intentions to execute with conviction year-over-year in order to make an impact and see it through.

When I look at the list above, the main thing that I see is the brand’s substantial growth and how we have made an impact. I made a choice to open up and receive the gifts that would/could come my way. “If you build it, they will come”.

We’re building it. They are coming.

I remember the day I made the decision to ‘go out on my own’ and build a brand. I chose not to feel the fear, but rather tap into the power of doing it. It starts with the decision to make the move, then creating an plan to take the actions to do it. I got here by creating strategies and sharing them my clients, but there are a few core principles that stand out:

You’ve got to have clarity of what you want to do.

You have to align with others to make it all happen.

You have to be open to fail and understand that not everything you’re going to do is going to work and that timelines are guides, not hard deadlines.

There will be setbacks.

There will be opportunities that come that you never knew could happen.

But most of all, if you continue to self-develop who you are and why you like to do it, there will always be answers waiting for you around the corner.

How do you celebrate your brand birthday? Simply comment below. I'd love to hear from you.