Behind The Scenes: A Conversation with Brand Storyteller Amanda Lund

I am thrilled to be able to share this conversation with Amanda Lund today on the podcast. Amanda has been my right hand for a long time and has an intimate understanding of everything that goes on behind the scenes at Team Marlo.

In today’s conversation, we “blow the doors” off of the Marlo Higgins brand, and talk about what it really means to grow as a team and how we remain consistent in our voice, style, and message.

Amanda Lund has wanted to tell stories since before she knew how to write them. As a Brand Storyteller, she specializes in creating digital content that connects small businesses to their ideal clients. A University of Iowa graduate and Iowa native, Amanda has worked with both local and nationwide brands, bringing clarity to communication through that foundational “why.” You can learn more about her services and free business resources at


You can listen to the full interview at: [powerpress]

Show Notes: