Building Sites for Customers, Not Businesses: A Conversation with Founder of Candybox and Launch 48, Digital Marketer Darrell Keezer

On this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo, Marlo and Darrell discuss the importance of creating websites and digital marketing strategies with the needs of the customers in mind.


Darrell Keezer, author of Your Website Should Help Your Business, Not Hurt It, highlights key questions for business owners to ask themselves in order to create a personalized web strategy. Darrell reminds listeners that the fastest way to increase traffic and sales is to focus on the client. “You can’t get to your user by thinking about yourself,” he states.


Darrell Keezer, Founder of Candybox & Launch 48, is a digital marketer and keynote speaker. Darrell speaks at over 50 events per year across Canada and U.S. on Digital Marketing Trends, Social Media, and reaching the new generation of buyers. Some recent events have included The National Franchise Show, Customer Service Conference, Small Business Summit, and the Internal Branding Conference.

Darrell is the author of Your Website Should Help Your Business, Not Hurt It and 37 Ways Your Website Died, which highlights the reasons why your website is dead and what you can do about it. This helpful guide book will point out what you are doing wrong and teaches you how to engage, attract and convert leads

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