Choosing Success: A Conversation with Fashion Advisor and Nationwide Team Builder, Alison Turner

Today I sat down with longtime colleague Alison Turner and we talked about the grit needed to succeed in sales leadership. She gets real about what it takes to perform with consistency, and looking at business as a choice. Alison’s interview is all about ACTION and pivoting in business.  She has had 4 business and lived in 3 different states, always rising and meeting the challenge to be a top performer. In 10 years between changing business and moves, she has transitioned her journey 7 times, proving that transition isn’t starting over - it’s growth.

Alison Turner is an entrepreneur, business owner, and leader in empowering women. She has a Bachelor of Social Work from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. After graduating college, she spent 4 years in the social work arena before entering the business world. Her roles in business have surrounded leadership, sales mentoring and management of teams and growth strategies. In 2008, expecting her 3rd child, she took a new step, becoming her own boss. A leader of teams and a top sales achiever while running her own business in the direct selling arena, she has earned 6 incentive trips, a positive on the leadership council which is the highest earning award, been top 10 in personal sales with a company of over 15,000 advisors and earned many other accolades of sales and team building success. Her most recent business, LuLaRoe started in December of 2015 and in just a short time she has built a retail sales boutique from her home with sales of over $220,000 a year and a team of women around the country selling more than $2 million a year. Her passion of owning her business started 10 years ago and has led to today where her main mission is to help others feel amazing and beautiful, putting their best foot forward, empowering women to dream bigger, achieve more, gain more flexibility and freedom and build a business that gives back to her community. Alison lives in Carver, Minnesota with her Husband Greg and their three kids, Sydney, Reese and Carson.

To listen to the full interview,: [powerpress]

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