Being A Super Connector with Ryan Paugh, Founder of YEC and Forbes Councils


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Ryan Paugh is the co-founder and COO of CommunityCo. He first co-foundered Brazen Technologies and then went on to found YEC and Forbes Councils.

Ryan has been at the forefront of building highly curated, technology-enabled communities for ambitious professionals. He first co-founded Brazen Careerist, a career-management site for high-achieving young professionals and ambitious college students, where he led the company’s community development efforts. Brazen Careerist was recognized as one of the top social networks for Gen Y entrepreneurs by Mashable.

In this interview, Marlo discusses the importance of networking in the face of ever-changing technology and why connecting with others is so important. “…People are always going to be your most important asset, in business and in life,” says Ryan.

His book, “Super Connector” is available on Amazon now and is filled with strategies for focusing on people first and what it really means to connect with them.

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Show Notes

01:45 – Ryan’s journey to success

09:20 – Who the book “Super Connector” was written for

09:46 - “…people are always going to be your most important asset, in business and in life.”

10:48 -  How technology has impacted modern day networking

12:45 – Ryan’s best advice for networking

16:10 – The process of co-authoring a book