Creating Authentic Customer Relationships: A Conversation with Relationships Marketing Evangelist, Jessika Phillips


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On this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo, Jessika Phillips talks about developing customer relationships with authenticity.

A leading expert in social media and marketing, Jessika reveals her best tips for fostering an enriched customer experience and creating a client profile that works best for your business. Her insights into team culture, where social media is headed, and how to treat customers will surely be a game changer for you and your business.

Jessika is on a mission to make relationships the forefront of business marketing. She’s known for this outspoken dedication to Relationship Marketing. Jessika lives by her statement that “Relationships will always be more powerful than marketing,” and she believes in being a magnet vs a Bullhorn to truly connect with your tribe.

As a social media strategist, Jessika founded NOW Marketing Group in 2010 with only a laptop and a vision. The company is now a Forbes recognized Agency Partner and a certified inbound partner with Hubspot. NOW Marketing Group works with more than 100 clients across United States and beyond, choosing to serve – not sell.

As a relationship marketing evangelist, Jessika also founded Magnet Marketers and The Relationship Marketing System, membership sites that provide curriculum to help businesses grow. Jessika also teaches comprehensive Relationship Marketing, presents in a weekly videocast “Magnet Marketers” and hosts one of the largest social media Midwest conferences, Social Media Week Lima.

Here are some of the key points of this interview:

  • Why it’s difficult to foster authentic relationships in today’s market

  • How to grow a word-of-mouth based business

  • The best question to ask yourself when creating a customer experience

  • How to clarify your brand message

Show Notes:

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