Creating The Maverick Assessment: A Conversation with Innovation and Technology Expert Aaron Proietti


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Aaron Proietti is the Founder of Adaptivity Enterprises, LLC and creator of The Maverick Assessment.

On this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo, Marlo discusses innovation and the process of creating an interactive assessment with expert Aaron Proietti.

Aaron is behind the technology of The Maverick Assessmentwhich allows you to identify your strongest business trait and which entrepreneurial group you fall into: Player, Champion, or Maverick.

Aaron Proietti is an innovation expert who views innovation as a competency rather than an outcome. As Chief Innovation Officer, he built and led Transamerica Life & Protection’s Insights & Innovation department. He developed six Centers of Excellence to identify and exploit innovation opportunities, and led a division-wide effort to build an innovation culture in the 6,000 employee organization. As Chief Customer Advocate, Aaron merged Transamerica’s customer-centric service strategy with its forward-looking innovation strategy. As Head of Marketing Innovation for Transamerica ($18B Fortune 200 company), Aaron built and staffed a cutting-edge R&D team tasked with building future customer experiences to tie back into the core business. At Capital One ($46B Fortune 100 company), Aaron’s product development initiatives produced new products that contributed over $50 million in annual income.

In 2017, Aaron founded Adaptivity Enterprises, LLC, a consultancy with a mission to “help the world thrive amidst accelerating pace of change.” In 2018, he launched, focused specifically on helping businesses innovate. Aaron has spoken at numerous conferences on topics such as the innovation strategy, innovation leadership, culture change, collaboration, and exponential technologies. He is a leadership coach and strategic meeting facilitator, specializing in building innovation competency. Aaron is a regular writing contributor to and Insurance Thought Leadership. In 2014, he was named one the “24 Most Creative People in Insurance” by LifeHealthPro. He has a M.S. in Applied Mathematics from Georgia Tech, a B.A. in Math from SUNY Geneseo, and currently resides outside of Philadelphia, PA.

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During this interview you will learn:

  • The importance of being open to change in business

  • “The best point in my career was when everything was rearranging around me.”

  • How Marlo and Aaron collaborated to create The Maverick Assessment