Make Your Own Magic: A Conversation with Actor and Author, Alli Mang

Listen as I sit down with actor, author, and Home Shopping Network host Alli Mang as we discuss the importance of speaking your success, and how to “make your magic within.”

During my interview with Alli on 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo we discuss her new book, “Your First Moment Earns You More Moments,” and how everything from a handshake to social media posts can help professionals get noticed and get hired.

Alli shares that “the essence of any good book is inspiration,” and her book is filled with just that. Our discussion broaches the value of confidence when searching for new jobs, and what it takes to move on after negative professional experiences. Her advice on keeping the “marketing machine” running is sage and aligns with my own strategies of “speaking success and nothing less.”

Alli Mang is a successful actor, performer, and TV and radio host. The nature of her entrepreneurial work means that she has auditioned, interviewed, and pitched well over 600 times in her career, both for work within the entertainment world and to gain clients. She knows all too well the paramount importance of having to be 100% on-your-game and the pressure that comes with that. She is a multi-million dollar shopping channel on-air sales expert, in an environment where the pressure to produce sales results is measured by the minute — or else you are out of a job. Alli is a full-time speaker, radio host of The Performer’s Lounge and the author of three books.


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