The Science of Change: A Conversation With Change Strategist and TEDx Speaker, Dr. Rachel MK Headley


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On this episode of 22 Motivational Minutes with Marlo, Dr. Rachel MK Headley dives into the science behind change and how it impacts us as entrepreneurs and humans.

Join Marlo and Rachel as they break down the different change types and how each type of person plays a vital role in team and organization building. Rachel also discusses her journey through change and how being an entrepreneur has impacted her.

Dr. Rachel MK Headley is a Mensa PhD and former lead scientist of the operational Landsat satellite mission, with over two decades of experience leading complex and groundbreaking achievements, managing big projects, uniting diverse international stakeholders, and guiding teams through change. Rachel is the Senior Partner of the Rose Group, Int'l and has co-created IP around change implementation and Change Types.

Here are some of the key points of this interview:

  • What are key change types and how do they impact you.

  • How change impacts you based on what type you are.

  • The science behind making multiple changes at once.

  • How your future goals impact your current situation.

Show Notes:

Rachel’s Forbes site:

Change Type Assessment:

Rachel’s TEDx Talk: