The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

One of my MOST favorite books is the Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.  The reason WHY this book has proven to be extremely powerful for me is due to this simple equation; Your philosophy creates your attitude, your actions, your results which ultimately creates your life!

Your habits come from your daily activities compounded over time.  And your activities are the result of the choices you make in the moment.  Your choices come from your habits of thought, which are the product of your thinking, which comes from the view you have of the world and your place in it - your philosophy.

Which is why the key to your success, to mastering the Slight Edge through the long-term effect of your everyday habits of thought and action, is your philosophy.

What Do Successful People Do?  What are the five percent doing that the ninety-five percent are not?  These are two of the MOST captivating questions I LOVE about the Slight Edge.......... your actions ultimately create your success.

What POWERFUL ACTIONS are you taking in your business?  Do you need a SUCCESS DRIVEN and RESULTS BASED coach?!?  If so, today is the day to TAKE ACTION toward your personal success.

I am client driven which means we work together at creating solutions to move you into the TOP five percent!

I look forward to being Your Coach!