Featured Guest writer this week..............Amanda

It is my purpose in life to ignite and inspire others.  I am grateful to have a Featured Guest write my blog post this week.  Amanda is an aspiring writer with true talent.  I’ve always believed in empowering others so I asked Amanda “would you be interested in writing and sharing about our meeting today for others to learn more about me from your perspective” that turned into my post this week – enjoy!  Hi there.  My name is Amanda.  I'm a twenty-something mother of one and live in a real-life version of Stepford.  Every day I feed the baby, change the baby, clean the house, feed the husband, walk the dog, sometimes, I even brush my teeth and comb my hair.  Yes, I said sometimes - don't judge me.  I work part-time, we entertain on the weekends and life is full of food and friends and, well, life.

In my spare time I eat and sleep.  Isn't that what most new moms do?  But there's another side of me that not a lot of people see.  Late at night, when the baby's asleep, I crawl into my bed... and I write.  I write about being single and wild.  I write about far off worlds with female warriors, violence, love, and lust - you know, all those things they don't show on my daily viewing of Sesame Street.  It's what I love to do, but I never thought of it as anything more than a hobby.

A few days ago I had a meeting with Marlo to learn more about her business.  She had just presented at a networking group we're both members of, and I was excited to speak with her about my direct-sales business.  Alright, so I was looking for a few pointers, but I really was excited to hear more about her business too!  I had heard enough about her previous successes to know that she had valuable insight into pursuing dreams.

Within a minute of sitting down with Marlo she had me completely at ease, asking about my business and what I wanted accomplish from it.  Then my entire life story came out with it. Instead of being overwhelmed she actually listened to what I had to say and then asked me something I never expected.

"So... what else are you passionate about?"

That one question opened the door to talk about my writing and how much I truly love it. Then she asked me, "Why not?  Why not be a writer?"  This of course was followed up by my worries about income, and how I had no idea how writers become writers.  I thought since she was so easily able tell that my current occupation wasn't my true passion that maybe she was an oracle or some kind of mythical creature that had all of the secrets of success tucked up her sleeve.  But she surprised me by saying something I didn't expect. "There's a solution to every frustration if you are willing to dig deep enough” No magic 8 balls?!? A few suggestions about where to start, but no pre-packaged "Ah-Ha" moment.  It was perfect.  I realized then that by someone providing me with all the answers, they would be living my life for me.  I wanted to write my own script, follow my own dreams, and find my own way.  What Marlo did was help me realize that my dream I kept hidden on my laptop in an outdated version of Word was actually the beginning of the most fulfilling version of my life.

Right there Marlo asked me to put a goal down on paper and she left me with the challenge to start with the end of my story and write my way to the beginning.  The middle stuff, it will all figure itself out.  I left our meeting that day and told my husband I wanted to take more time to devote to my writing. I'm currently researching and working on a collection of short stories while continuing work on a novel that's been in the works for many years.

So here I am - wife, mother, housekeeper, boo-boo kisser, direct-sales consultant, entertainer, and... aspiring writer.  Thank you Marlo for giving me the inspiration I needed to re-start this life-long romance I've had with the written word.  I look to your blog for inspiration and will direct others to you who need that extra push to achieve their dreams.

"Ever try. Ever fail. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better." -Samuel Beckett

-Amanda Lund