4 Ways to Stand Out and Grow Your Business

grow your mantra4 Ways to Stand Out and Grow Your Business

1. Create a Great Culture - Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or five

person company it's never too early to decide the kind of culture you want to

create and determine what your culture stands for. For example, even when

Apple was just a two person company consisting of the two Steves it was clear

their company culture challenged the status quo and as they grew they attracted

and hired those that fit their culture. While it's difficult to quantify the benefits of

a strong culture, we can all agree that there is something about culture that

speaks volumes to the marketplace. When you focus on your culture you create

a strong foundation of values, beliefs, expectations and habits that cause you to

stand out in the marketplace and ultimately grow.

2. Lead with Optimism - Now, more than ever, optimism is a competitive

advantage. Bob Iger, the CEO of Disney, was asked the most important

characteristic of a leader and he said "Optimism." After all, it's not the pessimists

who will grow this economy. It's the optimists who believe in a brighter future

that will take the actions necessary to create it. Optimism will also help you

navigate the set-backs, challenges, naysayers and Energy Vampires as you seek

to grow your business. You have a choice. You can believe success is

impossible or you can believe that with faith, hard work and an optimistic

attitude all things are possible. To grow your business, choose the latter.

3. Show your Customers you Care - The most successful companies find unique

ways to show their customers they care about them. Les Schwab Tire Center

employees run outside to greet their customers when they pull up in their cars.

Zappos offers free shipping and free return shipping. If you want to stand out

and grow you must create your own signature way to show your customers that

you care about them. When you show your customers you care they will talk

about you to everyone (even write about you) and you’ll stand out in a crowded

and competitive marketplace.

4. Pursue Excellence - The economy is not the reason people and businesses are

unsuccessful. The economy has merely exposed those with weak business

models, bad cultures, poor leadership, toxic work environments, apathetic sales

forces and mediocre products and services. On the contrary those who pursue

excellence are thriving. From the carpenter who is in demand because everyone

knows he's on time, works hard and always satisfies the customer to the graphic

designer who strives to make each project her masterpiece, to the realtor who is

passionate about helping her customers find the right home, to Apple iPads and

iPhones, to restaurants that are jam packed... it's clear that those who

passionately pursue excellence will stand out and grow high above the

competition. The economy no longer will support mediocrity but if you can find

your niche, share your passion and work hard to be great then growth will be