Are you Ready for Coaching? Take This Quiz!

Are You Ready for Coaching? Take This Quiz! Rate yourself on a scale of 1 ("No, not at this time") to 5 ("Yes, absolutely!") for each question. Add up your score at the end and see the results.


1) Am I ready to create a more clear focus in my life and business?

2) Am I ready to grow both personally and professionally?

3) Am I open to trying new ideas instead of continuing to do the things that have not worked in the past?

4) Am I ready to create and clarify a compelling vision for my life and business?

5) Am I ready to take action on that vision?

6) Am I willing to stop self-defeating behaviors?

7) Am I ready to start managing my time and money effectively?

8) Am I willing to discover and change fears and beliefs that hold me back?

9) Am I ready to accept responsibility for my success and happiness in my life?

10) Am I ready to create balance in my work and home life?

11) Am I ready to create a great habit of self-discipline?

12) Am I ready to act self-confidently?

13) Am I ready to be motivated?

Your Score

If your score is:

20 – 40: Take a look at yourself and your life, and ask yourself if you're ready to create the life you want. What's the first thing you'd like to work on?

40 – 60: You're ready to take control of your life, your business and your personal success. As your coach I will empower you create the strategy and actions for moving forward!

60 – 80: You're probably already moving forward on designing the life and business you want and deserve. As your coach I will empower you move across the finish line!

I am extending an offer to join me for a complimentary 30 minute session for you to share your most important and immediate goal with me - let me share a strategy with you today to get you moving!  Go ahead and shoot me an e-mail at

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