Become a Magnet for Success

DSC_6186Chances are, you’ve met someone that seems to have it all. They have that “thing” that makes them prone to finding twenty-dollar bills in old coat pockets and winning the getaway for two at the charity raffle.  You’ve met those people who have opportunities that seem to simply fall into their laps and I’ll bet, even if only for a second, you’ve wondered why them. Why is it that some people have all the luck? What if I told you it isn’t luck.

What if I told you it is a conscious behavior that you can do too?

We all desire to move forward. We all want more medals, bigger outcomes, and more success. That common desire to keep reaching is actually what draws successful people together. That desire is magnetic. It not only draws in people, it draws in more success. You can be one of those magnetic people by figuring out how you want to be successful, then taking actions toward that next level of achievement.

When I coach, I speak in terms of performance. Similar to athletes, people who are looking to achieve business success must perform at a high level in order to see optimal results. Athletes work with trainers and other sports professionals in order to develop a plan that is specific to their bodies and what they want to accomplish.  When I work with business professionals, we develop a plan based on my High Performance formula in order to get the results they are looking for.

This formula is essentially an equation that any individual can customize in order to visualize a goal: Actions + Consistency + Recalibration = Performance

 When working through this formula, I like to map things out as I go. Here is an example of how I format the formula.  Feel free to print this visual, then add in your own information.



(Achievement, Attainment, Desired Outcome, how you define success)

Active     |   Consistent

(Actions Taken)                                                                      (Daily disciplines)

(Manage Expectations)

Test/Measure | Recalibrate

4 x’s a year | every quarter | 90 days | 12 weeks. Catch a mistake before it becomes a habit. Do more of what works…less of what doesn’t.  Reflect and Recharge.

Your Personal Success Formula!


In order customize this formula, follow the steps and fill in your information in the spaces above.

Step One:

Define what success means to you.

Step Two:

Get clear on the actions you need to take to achieve that success.

Step Three: (this one is where the ball gets dropped the most)

Take consistent actions and daily disciplines to reach those goals.

(Pro Tip: If you find yourself having issues with staying consistent, try writing an essay on what the word “consistency” means to you. What can it help you achieve? Once you understand why consistency is important to you, you will be able to honor your commitments to yourself and your goals.)

Step Four:

Stop four times a year and reflect back on the actions you’ve taken. Start taking more of the actions that work and bless and release the ones that don’t. This allows you to focus more time and energy on what works and less on what doesn’t. This is your safety net. You will see mistakes before they become habits for you.

I encourage you to take your time defining what your idea of success looks like before completing the formula. Also, don’t be afraid to make adjustments as you work through your formula and toward your goals. Be a magnet of success by creating a force that cannot be resisted. Take the actions to get there and allow yourself to be pulled toward others who are reaching for that next level, just like you.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the formula or if you would like assistance in reaching your goals. I am happy to help!

Ignite Your Success – Marlo, Your CIO