BLOOMING Where You Are Planted

gaillardiaDid you know there is flower called gaillardia, the Blanket Flower, which is one of the most resilient flowers on the planet?  This little red and yellow flower makes its home in the full sun and can grow up to three feet tall with very little water.  The Blanket Flower is proof that the product of resiliency is not weathered or beaten down.  The flaming reds and yellows are an illustration of the vibrant energy that comes from breaking through.  The same principle applies to people. My clients frequently walk away from our meetings claiming they are revitalized and could feel the energy that I radiate.  The sparks that are generated in our sessions are signals that strategies are working, and that my clients are reaching, growing.  After seeing this time and time again, I’ve developed a theory. The warmest days create the tallest flowers.

I have found myself in a BIG GROWTH phase since 2005.  During this time I have aligned with executives to start a company, championed to re-brand and grow another established firm, and in the past 48 months I have created and launched my own brand.  All of these things have happened in the midst of being a wife and a mother of two boys who are doing their own growing.

Think about the process to create a flower.  We all know that seeds get planted deep into the ground and it takes a lot of ENERGY for them to break through the soil.  One of my favorite areas to coach on is what it looks like to break through.  I challenge clients to speak to new people, take risks, and push their goals to the limits.  The results are breathtaking.  When I sit across from anyone, be it a client, my child, or one of my girlfriends, the blossoms they see are the product of an energy developed through the process of growing.  In return, they are inspired to reach out and grow their own blooms.

I challenge you this week to think about the soil in which you are planted.  What do you need to do in order to push through and bloom?

Positive things happen in GROWTH mode.  Teams get bigger, opportunities present themselves, and bank accounts expand.  Reaching out to receive energy produces more energy, creating a cycle of abundance.  All it takes is the initial breakthrough.

I’d love to learn from you, so please share what you’ve experienced around GROWTH in the comment section below.

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