Building CUSTOMERS - tips for anyone who is out there selling and building

Marketing Yourself and Booking the Party!

Booking the Party:

  • Easiest place to book a party is AT the party
    • Must capitalize on the fact this is the best place to book
    • Am I asking every single person, or just hoping they book?
    • If you don’t ask you are 100% guaranteed a NO
    • If you ask everyone, your odd’s go up 50%
  • Telephone – make those follow-up calls.  The phone is your FRIEND, If you are afraid of it tape a $100 bill to it and every time you make a call tell yourself "this call is paying me $100) visuals always help!
    • 3 P’s (Perky, Prepared, Practice)  When you are prepared, you are ready with the 1) Opening 2) Disarming them 3) Giving them the reason 4) Uncovering the need 5)  Getting the YES!
    • ACT enthusiastic and you will BE enthusiastic
    • You are a professional performer - Smile!
  • Out and about
    • What are your circles of influence?
    • Who are you associating with?
    • Always be ready with a smile and LOOK APPROACHABLE!

Marketing Yourself:

  • 5 ways to market yourself:
    • Through friends & family
    • Warm chatter, those folks that ask about your PRODUCT when they see you out and about
    • Your hostess is your business partner in this venture (sell her on this idea)
    • Your circle of influence
    • Getting involved in your community

Are you meeting your booking quota's for the month?  If not, you've got to put some time into HOW you are approaching it.  You have to A-S-K!

Focus on building "clients for life" that makes growing your business MUCH EASIER!  Don't be a one-hit-wonder.  Approach your bookings like you plan to host with her 4 times a year (each new product launch) - try it!

Love and belief!  Coach Marlo