Closing the Gap

20When my clients decide to hire me as a coach, I come in with the expectation that they have a goal they want to meet. It’s my job to assess the situation and get a better understanding of where my client is in the process of meeting his or her goals. In order to get an idea of where they are mentally in pursuit of their goal, I ask a question with a quantifiable answer. I ask them how big of a gap is sitting between them and their definition of success, in a percentage. I was sitting in front of a client this week and she responded with a 60% gap.  It seemed strange to me, because I could only see a 16% gap between her and her goals.

This outside vantage point is a key element of coaching.  An expert can read people and can see the potential, even when it seems hidden from oneself.  Having a coach gives you an unbiased opinion that often puts things into perspective.

My client was shocked that I could only see a 16% gap based on her answers to my questions.  I pointed out the value pieces and once she viewed herself in a larger context, she was able to see how close she really was to her goals.

So, how did we approach closing the success gap?

I continued to listen to the goals she had set for herself and her company, then assisted in creating a plan composed of business strategies that have been proven to be successful.

Week over week, she took actions that moved her into the right direction and things started taking off for her. Despite the fact that there was a 44% difference between where she thought and where I thought she was in relation to her goal – she took the actions we discussed and gained the success she was striving for.

The method of closing that success gap is different for everyone, but here are some quick tips for closing your own gap:

  • Systems = Performance
    • What systems need to be enhanced or built to get to your goals?
    • Having systems allows for metrics measurement and easy changes
  • High Performance
    • Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t
    • By testing and measuring regularly you will catch a mistake before it becomes a habit
  • Clarity of actions
    • What should you be focused on?

Through our strategic motivational jam sessions around the success gap issue, I’m happy to report that this client has successfully implemented the necessary strategies to meet her goals and close more business overall.

If you’d like to connect and discuss your success gap, feel free to connect with me.  Simply reach out and connect via my “work with me” page on our website at

Igniting Your Success!


Marlo, Your Chief Inspirational Officer