Consistency In A Drop

drop in the bucketConsistency In A Drop I encourage my clients to speak their successes.  I want to know everything good that has happened since we last met.  Giving those successes a voice allows the client to see the progress that may be hiding behind the every day struggle everyone gets caught in.  Most of the time they can finish their list and say, “Wow.  It’s been a great month!” But there is another response that I hear all too often.

“It feels like just a drop in the bucket.”

Trust me, I understand that feeling.  When losing weight, one pound can feel like nothing.  A commission check of $10 can feel like pocket change.  Booking one client, making one sale, it can seem like a small step on a long journey to the end goal.  But what if the steps to accomplish that one success were repeated every month?  What if they were repeated every week?  What would happen if that single drop in that bucket went from a drip to a trickle?  Eventually, all those drops become a puddle that fills (and eventually overflows) the bucket.

And it all starts with a single – consistent – drop.

I have taken this lesson to heart and applied it to my blogging.  I was frustrated with how I was connecting on social media was needed a way to strengthen my presence.  I decided to post a new piece of advice or experience every Thursday.  We’re now halfway through the year and I am seeing the reach of posts.  Feedback is coming in and I know that you are listening.  I am grateful and determined to continue reaching, despite the fact that those first few months were pretty quiet.

I challenge you this week to not only speak your successes, but also to write them down.  Look at all of your little drops and figure out what you need to do to make them happen again.  Be consistent.  Trust yourself to know what to do to make your goals happen.  Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance in mapping out your successes or plans.  I believe in you!