Do you know what the biggest obstacles are that you are facing going into 2016?

hiroMy experience guides me and I've worked with hundreds of clients.  I track the metrics of every client I work with to ensure growth and performance.  Here is a listing of the client obstacles/challenges I worked with clients on in 2015.  They are key indicators on what you might face as you enter 2016. 2015 Client Obstacles/Challenges:

  • Transitioning into a leadership role
  • Setting clear expectations of self and team
  • Holding others accountable
  • How to forecast and ready yourself for the coming year
  • Time Management
    • Self-Management
  • Family/Career Balance
  • Qualifying what success means individually
  • Short term vs. long-term goals
  • Hiring passionate and knowledgeable folks
    • How to find them?
  • Executing at a high-level and still finding time to think through possibilities and test ideas for opportunity above (move up in rank)
  • Employees that are not ‘solution searching’ and very willing to complain
  • Increased sales goal – close more contracts with same or fewer resources
  • Poor communication within leadership teams
  • Assisting others to create solutions
  • How to complete a task/goal before taking on another
  • Accountability
  • Implementing change that happens too slow
  • Calendar and best time management practices
  • Disengaged and not-motivated employees
  • Creating CLEAR and WELL DEFINED goals that are not rooted in jargon, but can be achieved (understood) by everyone
  • Co-workers building ‘silos’ around selves
    • How best to engage them
  • Being taken more seriously by team which allows them to come with questions
  • Prioritize differently with new focus
  • Share a process of how to build relationships with established customers, gain their trust with someone new to the company
  • Capturing information from team to create a new system in a short period of time
  • Team collaborations
    • 3 teams – one has a ‘we vs. them’ attitude and view of 2 other locations
  • New structure and management = communications are poor
    • Provides no direction and tends to be vague with answers
  • Understanding of the organization dynamics and how to fit in
  • How to assist others to grow within the team – move up in rank
  • Leadership obstacles
    • Lack of support and alignment
  • Training of new employees to envision goals and training
  • Buy-in from other departments to assist in an overall quality system
  • Other…

The solutions to the above obstacles fall into these categories:

  • Communication
  • Expectations
  • Clear vision
  • Follow-up
  • Empowerment
  • Leadership
  • Recognition
  • Solution searching teams
  • Bigger thinking – problem solving

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