Do you know your Strengths?!?

One of the BEST parts of coaching my clients is pulling out the BEST in them!  As I always say "I don't sell a product but I enhance performance".  This is so true - it's not about changing WHO you are as much as it is about enhancing HOW you do it by capitalizing on your personal strengths. KNOW YOUR STRENGTH’S (and capitalize on them):

You get what you focus on………… so FOCUS on your STRENGTHS

Strength Finders 2.0 Tom Rath

Let me share mine with you;

  • Futuristic – Ability to see visions of what could be – paint a picture that is vivid as possible – people latch to the hope that I bring
  • Relator – Describes my attitudes toward relationships
  • Maximizer – Excellence, not average is my measure – Transforming something strong into something superb
  • Input – people make a point of asking me for information – I look for opportunities to leverage my abundance of knowledge
  • Discipline – This behavior can be understood as the instinctive method for maintaining progress and productivity

There are many reason's why my clients align with me to challenge their success but this gives you a "flavor" of some of the TOP ways I do it by bringing my "personal essence" to the game.

Know your personal STRENGTHS and move mountains!

Ignite Your Success!